Update on Mac!


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Just another chameleon update post! Mac has been thriving since he has been with us. He has developed so much in such a short time including his color and patterns! He has become much stronger and healthier, not only saying that but you can simply see in the pictures, when we got him his legs were absolutely very skinny, he had burns all over his hands and knees and he didnt have a very strong grip, constantly falling asleep and never exploring. Now Mac is just as active as Yoda constantly exploring his cage all day and his grip has become incredibly strong its unbelievable, he sleeps throughout the night and loves drinking all the drops from around his cage! Just wanted to post a update because 1. hes just the cutest little boy and 2. because we want to keep spreading awareness at how important it is to provide the most natural feeling and comfortable home for your chameleons, and how essential it is to provide them with the right nutrients and bugs. I hope you enjoy this post and seeing how much Mac has grown in just 2 months!! comments are appreciated!! Mac says hi!!!
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