Update on Amazing Grace ..the runaway..


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For those who have followed the thread on Grace ..my little Veiled to left her free range tree to abscond to the wilderness..( ** she free ranged on the tree in the house and never left it, but I put her and the tree outside to bask in the warm sunlight and she shortly became my first homegrown fugitive and my last..I am now a bit wiser now)
I have named her Amazing Grace. Not for only surviving two weeks on her own, in cold and rainy weather in a busy campground just days after being bred to Elvis..
Grace has proven herself to be truly amazing, delivering 55 eggs, all seemingly healthy and in good condition. She really didn't look like she was holding that many eggs. Granted they are smaller than my other Cham eggs..but all a uniform and have a nice white color.
Grace is a low translucent and Elvis is a high trans..so I am looking forward to these little ones.
In the meantime, Grace is doing well and recovering and Elvis..well he doesn't much have a care in the world..so long as his days are filled with exploring his cage and hunting for critters.
I will add some photos shortly.


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LOL - I love the last pic :p Glad she "came home" and is doing so well, what a great ending - that is always my fear when I take mine out too- runaways !! lol


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I only use cages outside or literally stand or sit next to the plant they are freeranging in! Glad she alive and well and back home with you!
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