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Hi everyone

My girl is about half year old, and she is gaining some weight(visually) and being restless during the past week, but I don't see any gravid patterns on her, I prepared her a laying bin with about 10 inches deep Eco Earth/sand:5/5 in a 12 inches tall, 10 inches wide flower pot, but she seems not interested. Is she about to lay unfertilized eggs? Do females show gravid patterns when they lay unfertilized eggs?



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In my experience, if she is down at the bottom/pot area, she is either hunting (I have a couple of oddballs that like to roam the bottom to be sure they got all of the bugs available), or more likely scouting a spot to lay. I have had a young/unmated female dig and lay unfertilized eggs in the plant pot for sure. She didn't show any pattern or get dark like they do when gravid with fertile eggs. I am sure there are lots of people with good advice to be found here, but I say just give her lots of options of where to lay and keep an eye on her.


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are you giving her adaquete privacy while she is in the lay bin?

She is just roaming around up and down, still eating a couple bugs everyday, I have never seen her go into the bin or dig anywhere, she spend most of the time roaming on branches than going down.

I cover her enclosure with a black T, and only water her every morning and after she sleeps
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