Unknown Plant Name??


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Anyone know what that plant is...and is it ok for chams?

I purchased one from Walmart and at the time i saw it had huge leaves, but now i relized it has a white milky substance coming from any leaf i break off its stem. So now thinking its not so right...
Feedback please, thanks!
yes, by the looks of the leaves it looks like ficus elastica. avoid using them because as mentioned above, sap can cause a bad problem externally to eyes and nose, and can cause problems internnally with the toxin level.

This cham of mine specifically doesnt eat plants so i think im safe. He usually just relaxes on leaves at the top. I have a uvb light on that one alone.

Rubber trees, Ficus elastica are not toxic, if fact the leaves are edible and used as a vegetable in India. The sap is sometimes irritating to some *people*, but beyond being sticky, does not cause problems with animals.

Its wise to protect your eyes and skin if you plan to prune larger plants.
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