How do you know when it’s time to trim your plants back?


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So Nachitos plants are doing amazing!!!! I love the plant light I got from Arcadia as it’s doing its job very well! But at what point is there to many plants?
I know that slowly everything may become over grown and I’ll have to trim it back but how do I do that without killing the plant?
Do I just cut some of the stems or remove leaves?

Here’s her enclosure :)

And here is the top of it with Nachito peaking at me as I water her plants
WE LOVE PLANTS…. So I’m happy to help! The really fun thing about pothos is that you can take one plant and propagate several from it (my girl eats them so fast that I have to propagate new growth constantly). Here's my recommendation:

Step 1: Cut one vine at a time close to the node in the soil (the bumps where the leaves grow from). (See pic 1) From there you’ll end up with a vine of several nodes. (See pic 2 —ignore the dead leaves I’ve been messing with this vine for a while.)
Step 2: Remove any dead or wilting leaves, living leaves can stay.
Step 3: Cut between each node to separate them into pieces. they may have beginner roots already, bonus! (See pic 3)
Step 4: Place nodes on top of soil (I try to bury them with the starter root down maybe a 1/4 inch but always leave them visible for air) - or your favorite propagation medium. (See pic 3 -- I just use a large tub that I dump old soil into when I get my veiled a new plant from the store - there is nothing specific to the soil I use for propagation of pothos.)
Step 5: Once they've grown some new roots (see pic 4) I like to transfer them to my chameleon safe soil and start getting them ready to be their own plants. I group several nodes that have grown leaves into a planter (usually around 7 to 9 nodes for a 2.5 inch planter, but I usually just eyeball it.) (See pic 5)

I hope this is helpful!! One thing to remember when trimming is never cut more than 1/3 of the entire plant at a time, as it could send it into shock.

Good luck!!


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i severely cut them back once they start crowding out the basking spot. Then i just throw all the cuttings in a spare pot to make a new one.

Im not a good trimmer so my photos tend to get striggy after a few years :p
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