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I've had a jacksons chameleon for a few months now and maybe 3 weeks after i got him he really stopped turning brown basically ever. i have a heat lamp and a uv lamp that go of at night an automatic sprayer and he gets sprayed by hand twice a day. his crickets have been dusted in the vitamin powder stuff for reptiles. but foe the last few days he seemed to loose his balance a little. i came home today at 11:30 am and found him dead on the bottom :(( with some dried blood it looked like on his mouth. I'm not sure if that is from what caused him to die or a fall afterward. the last time i saw him green was last night and ive checked a lot of common problems with jacksons chameleons and none of them fit please help!
He likely died from a supplementation issue. Likely over supplementation.

What were you dusting with exactly? How often?
-male i believe the species is (Mt. Kenya Jackson’s, T. j. xantholophus)
-care:9 months
-handled: every other week
-food: gut loaded crickets 2 daily dusted with rep-cal heptivite multivitamins -once a week and occasionally super worms
-mist 2 times daily until he was done drinking and automatic sprayer 3 times daily
-white football shaped semi solid not tested for parasites
-sluggish and missed a cricket while trying to eat but ate and drank normally
-all screen 18x18x36
-50 watt heat and 13 watt sunshine bulb
-80 hottest 65 coolest with thermostat
-humidity level kept by automatic sprayer and hand bottle
-several fake plants and a live 000000000
-an open living area with no direct vents or fans some traffic
-rural central Virginia
-food: gut loaded crickets 2 daily dusted with rep-cal heptivite multivitamins -once a week and occasionally super worms

Is that two crickets every day, and every day they are dusted with herptivite, and super worms at least once a week but sometimes more on occasion?

If you could just clarify that whole sentence please.

Also, what were you gutloading with?

PS: Im sorry you have lost your friend :(

Id also like to welcome you to Chameleon Forums, although Im sorry its under these circumstances.

I did not mean to come off cold in my first statement, and am sorry if I did.
No i understand but [2 crickets daily dusted at least once a week or up to about 5 days a week] and [about 2 super worm a week always dusted] and gut loaded with flukers cricket food and water (the same i use for my fire belly toad) i use calcium powder with vitamin D3 and herptivite multivitamins.
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