Unexpected Babies


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Today I had to do some errands and didn't feed my chameleons around noon time like I always do. Anyhow at 5:30pm I went to the room to feed them. I always start off with my juvi melleri first! Next was my female jackon (Mrs. Jackson) who was housed in a 24x24x48 cage. I look inside and couldn't find her. Shes normally hang out at her favorite branch. Then I saw little spots of blood here and there and was worried. There I saw about 4-5 little babies crawling on top of the cage! I was shocked!! I seriously didn't think she was prego! They were living outside during the summer time and the male never showed interest at all. Well I still couldn't find the mom anywhere. Took me about 2-3 mins and she was hiding in the corner behind the leaves.. Spotted more babies jackson over in that area.

Well I got 18 babies counted.. 15 I removed from the cage and the other three is still hanging in their sack.. Looks like 2 might not make it but we will see.

Here are some pictures,

there they were when I first spotted them!

Here is some random unexpected babies I got a week ago from MINIHUEY!
Angelo called me last week and ask if I can take these guys in.
The two is doing good like you said. I am a bit worry about the smaller guy tho.

Also another unexpected babies, not chameleon-lated. I hate spiders, I really do.. Since I have pets I don't usally handle I've been thinking hey why not. Tarantula looks really cool, creepy as well. But I wanted to give it a shot! Maybe if I raise one from small I will become attach to it. Well not one I got two!! A rosehair and a fireleg sling.

Sling is short for spiderling.



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do you think you will be selling them? I would love to get a second Jackson's. I do free range though and it would be total chance they get along


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Awwwww, I still remember the day I took little bubble, my tiny jackson form Broken Tail, out of the box. he was sooooo tiny and sweet. And you know what? He still is. I can't wait until I have jacksons. With 2 female and 1 adult male, none of they want to mate. Just wait till bubble grows up, he will be happy to have female company.

If you were close I could take a couple of your to raise, I do love babies.:D:D:D
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