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Hi guys, I got this new male 15 months old shipped to me a couple days ago. He is still hissing at me a lot(which I probably would do be shipped in a box), and seems to be a little skinny... Been offering wax worms to fatten him up but he's really not much of an eater. I've seen him eat 2 waxworms and 2 crickets, that's it even though I have live worms and crickets in a bin for him.. Is this vet status? Or is he maybe just stressed from the move? He's so much skinnier than male female veiled so I'm a little worried
Give him a few more days, I've have gotten some that eat right away and others that wouldn't eat for over a week. Make sure he has plenty of water, drip and mist and make sure your temps are good. Maybe try getting some hornworms or silkworms for him. Also if he isn't very secluded, you could try moving him to a more secluded location for a couple of days until he settles in a little more. If you haven't already ask the person you received him from what he was eating prior to you receiving him. Good luck and keep us updated!
It is difficult to say with any certainty what would be best in this situation. Variations of feeders could help, but he could just be taking time to settle in to his new home.

If you would like some in depth, quality feedback, I would recommend posting photos of your set up and the chameleon, and tell us information like basking temperatures and misting schedules.

There is a wonderful form in the health section titled 'how to ask for help"
Ok awesome, thanks guys! The basking spot is about 95. Everywhere else is 80ish. I mist him 3x or more a day and have a fogged running during the day.i have some silks growing now and should be getting big enough to feed off soon.(lucky to have a white mulberry tree near by!) his enclosure is custom. I made it out of redwood 2x2s and is 4'x2'x2'. Very spacious but currently is just on the ground till I build him a stand... I think I will try the blind bird trick and just drape a sheet over the side of his cage with the most commotion till he's a little more comfortable. Will keep you updated! Thanks for your help!
1. Be sure your husbandry is spot on. A good read https://www.chameleonforums.com/care/chameleons/
2. Give him some time to settle in. I know you want to admire him and also see him eat but he needs some space right now. Only visit the cage when it is necessary.
3. Dont get caught up on the waxworms. They arent going to make him gain that much faster than crickets or roaches.
4. Take his next feces in to be checked for parasites.
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