Understory film on pygmy chameleons?

cats if watching the chameleon may stress it out but the cham should get used to it chams also don't hear much, just don't pump bass, I think chameleons auditory level starts below the human voice tho. as long as the cat cannot attack the cham u should be fine I hope the person who doesn't approve of the chameleon changes their mind, chams are amazing creatures sometimes people just don't see it
I sent out this request to the FB group, WWPCK, but thought I'd post here. Has anyone heard of/seen the short doc "Miniature Dragons" by The Understory Films?

Link: http://www.theunderstory.co/miniaturedragons

Update: Heard back from Fabian Aguirre, who seems to be familiar to some folks around here, that the project is on-going and he's not sure when he'll be done with a long form. Just the 15 sec clip on this link, tho, is fantastic. Chameleons are such amazing lifeforms, and to see them behaving in "normal", "natural" ways is fascinating. And then add to that, behaviors conducted at such a small scale. Or...I don't know what it is, but there is a special charm to pygmy chameleons.
did you edit your thread or did i just post some miscellaneous thing lol

Yes: for some weird reason, my original post contained a copyasted portion of a post from a different thread! (It must've happened when I put the link there) and you responded to that.

Sorry for the confusion! This thread was just supposed to be about the film.
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