Unboxing a new baby!!


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I just want to say a huge thank you to @Chameleon Mike for the beautiful and healthy boy! He was a little frazzled at first, but now that he has gotten his bearings he has been exploring his new enclosure non stop! Thank you for being an amazing resource while I prepared for this baby and for how well you care for all of your animals.
I would highly recommend going to Mike for your next scale baby needs!!
Without further ado :




Chameleon Mike

Chameleon Enthusiast
Awww Sara! He's precious!! I want a snek... hey @Chameleon Mike - would you consider shipping to Canada? I'll probably have the resources in like... a year. :LOL:

But when Waffles outgrows it, you have an excuse to get another! :p

Thanks for considering in getting one from me. I would love to be able to ship to Canada but that requires an export license which is very costly, from what I hear. I wish I could help. I know on Morph Market .com there are breeders from Canada where you can get one.
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