umm . maybe problem - help :S


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i was just lookin at Snipe . and he seems to have near the back by his legs (i guess where his stomach would be) seems to be a lump (small, but noticeable)... smaller than a golfball (the circumference) . something i should worry about? maybe he just ate? possibly from the miner-all I?

any advice would be appreciated
Is he dehydrated?

Signs include sunken eyes, loose skin, sometimes it looks like a vein (or veiny), brownish urine or non at all. With veileds excess build up of salt around the nasal passage with sub-adults or adults.

A picture would help. I am a little confused with what you ment by golf ball.

My female after her first clutch had what appeared to be a vein running in that general area. As I hydrated her well over the next couple of days with extra mistings, a shower, and longer dripper runs the vein receded into little bumps almost before dissappearing completely. The bump could be a physical sign of dehydration.

Possibility that it could be some sort of parasitic worm (seems unlikely though) or other wise a picture will help with that determination. You will know whether or not your chameleon is dehydrated or not to rule that out. If not make sure you take the best quality picture of the spot as you can, good light and maybe off angled to see the raised spot.
my g/f said that im just worrying about him :( . lol . but he's like a kid to me... so . i dunno... i think i may just be worrying . i dont have a digi camera... so it is hard... i just have a webcam... which is crap for pictures... i dunno .... u tell me what i should do .... it is literally . right by the back legs...

I just put in a plastic container into his cage with a couple of silk worms with him... lol . he hasn't taken his one eye off of them... and hasn't moved . like he is just waiting... Think he is happy with them sitting there... :) . whatever i can do for my son is good for me...

I'll see what i can do for him .

he has changed a bring green colour.. (with a mix of dark) that i have never seen before when i put them in . lol . again . hasn't taken his eye off it... :)
Could it be one of his hemipenes is swollen? I don't have a link, but I'm sure you can find several pics of hemipene problems on this forum. Is it by his leg, alongside his tail? Or by his leg, alongside his abdomen?
it's before his back legs .

:-( . i fed him some worms today . he didn't want to eat them :-( . kinda depressing .
Hi, we have a Veiled Chameleon and awhile back we noticed a growth near....the hemipene? We took a moist Qtip and swabbed it, it's small like the size of a corn kernel covered in bumps and is hard. Any idea what this is? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hope this link for pics work.

Soak him in a warm bath for several minutes (you'll have to hold him in the water)
This is either built up sperm plug or a prolapsed hemipenis.
Hope for the first!
If it is just built up sperm plugs and fecal matter it can be gently pressed out (like you were squeezing a pimple)
If it is a prolapse you will need a vet's assistance.
The bath will help with either problem.
If you suspect it is the hemipenis ... keep it moist until you can get to the vet.

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dm59-Please start you own new thread when asking for help-I don't want people to miss it since it is attached to an old thead.

The picture is a bit fuzzy-but I am worried that you have a dried up hemipene prolaspse and that is bad news. You need an experienced Vet pronto that would need to amputate it if that is what it is.
Howdy dm559,

While you start-up your own thread, I'll toss you this image to relate to your potential seminal plug problem. This will give you an idea of what might be going on. The image is from Mader's "Reptile Medicine and Surgery" 2nd ed.:


Soaking sound like a good idea. Gentle pulling on the plug(s) will usually get them to slide off and out. If you have any misgivings about trying it yourself, consult your vet. I've pulled a few out from chameleons with no problem. Just take it slow and easy :).

What part of the world are you located?
...(i guess where his stomach would be) seems to be a lump (small, but noticeable)... smaller than a golfball (the circumference) . something i should worry about? maybe he just ate? possibly from the miner-all I?...
Howdy Campy,

It may be related to his just eating. It is not related to using Miner-All unless he just ate the whole can :). Has he been pooping lately? Anything changed with his typical poop schedule? If you had described him as no longer pooping, I'd say that you had an intestional impaction. Without further evidence other than your description of a lump smaller than a golfball, it's hard to tell what's up :eek:. Not to get you overly worried, I've done novice necropies where the intestion had a "lump smaller than a golfball" that was partially digested food that had turned into a solid blockage. Needless to say, it killed the female panther. The keeper hadn't noticed anything right up until she began crawling around the bottom of her enclosure. Sub-optimal hydration was likey a contributer :eek:. As we know, a couple of "squirt-squirts" for hydration doesn't cut it for chameleons :(.
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