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im looking to increase the humidity in my veiled chamelon set-up at the moment as its wanders between 65-70% i've read that a lot of people use humidifiers, i recently purchased an ultrasonic humidifier but as fas as i can tell it seems to be lowering the temperature and not offering much in the way of humidity
I would very much appreciate any help on this matter and particularly and pictures of the set-up of people that own a humidifier,would it be better to let it rise from under the cage or fall from above the cage?i need to use the humidifier to increase my humidity but i dont want it to come at a cost of the temperature

What are you using to measure the humidity?

Those little round ones you find commonly in the reptiles sections at pet stores are wildly inacurate. I prefer to use digital instruments to measure temperature and humidity.

If the humidity is truely around 65-70% I would not add any more humidity. With a veiled humidity between 50-75% is what they will thrive in. To little or to much can cause problems.
My veiled's humidity bottoms out at around 45. Obviously it goes way up after misting. The humidity in the room is about 20. Those live plants make ALL the difference!

i have 2 little square analogue himudity gauge that clips onto any small branches so i usually measure it in the middle and top of the cage.After mistings it is usually a temperature of 65-75 on both the middle and top but the humidity drops quite quickly after misting,within 10 minutes dropping between 60-65 and around the outer edges it will go down to 45-50
is that ok?ive read many different articles which contradict eachother on the humidity levels for veileds so i just wanna make sure ive got it right!
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