Uganda import


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I haven't been on here for awhile but just curious if the Uganda chameleons have arrived? I know i saw some on sometime ago but haven't seen anything mentioned here. Hoping to buy some of the CB Johnstonii offspring soon! If they have arrived i am wishing all those that purchased them good luck and i will be "lurking" and watching for offspring! Slainte' Ruth
We still waiting for all paperwork,its not longer aloud to export wc animals from Uganda.
Only farm bred can go out but they need to go by a special CITES commission who is checking if all permits are ok,the farm got all paperwork,breeding animals are legal,farm bred animals are in regulations etc...
This takes months before everything is done.
End of next week I'm again in contact with the head of the CITES commission hopefully everything is done by then so the animals can come over.
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