two questions -spray on calcium and food dislikes

1. has anyone used the spray calcium - brand: Zilla

Junior apparently does not care for it. As he got pretty angry after he tasted it on his worms I think. 2. has anyone noticed their veil get mad after eating something they didn't like? at first we were worried he was having a reaction but after a little bit he calmed down and went on with his normal activity.


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The spray on calcium smells different than the dust so I assume it also tastes different.

They are picky eaters and yes will refuse/hiss at food if they don't like it. I fed my veiled some lettuce and after two small pieces he hissed at it and gaped.

I then tried a small carrot sliver and he shot right at it. And then he hissed at the next sliver.

Then he ate some purple cabbage.

Goodness sakes make up your mind, then he hissed at the cabbage. Then I showed him 2 crickets and he went nuts for them lol.
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