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i currently have a baby panther in an open air screen cage. i mist often and i can get the humidity levels up to abouut 50 but thats just when misting. the average humidty level is about 30% im trying to keep it at 50 all of the time. is there any way besides getting a good misting system? id like to buy a promist but money is kind of tight right like to buy some sort of humidifer. is there a brand and model specifi i that i should buy that anyone has had good luck with? the other thing is what are you guys doing if there is a good amount of water collecting at the floor of the cage?
I use a ReliOn brand humidifier I got at WalMart ($30). I tried to find the model number but I threw away the box/associated papers that came with it on accident. Really what you are looking for if you plan on running the mist into the cage is something that has a round output hole for the mist. Something like a 1 1/4"-1 1/2" will probably be your best bet. You can find various pvc attachments to run it into the cage. Some attach pvc pieces to the top of the humidifier and cage then run a "pool hose" in between. I would say the pool hose would be easier to clean but I opted for the pvc as I did not want to attach it to the top of the cage.
Live plants help up your constant humidity a lot. You also probably want to go with a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier as they tend to produce less bacteria than the warm mist ones.
Yes plants, plants and more plants!
The denser your enclosure is planted, the higher your sustainable
relative humidity will be.
We live on the desert plain in Denver where 20% is high.
I am able to keep an all screen enclosure between 50 and 60% humidity
all day and night with only 3 handmists a day.
Plants are the key!
Group your houseplants around the outside of your enclosure as well as having the ones inside it.

ok ill try and add another plant but his enclosure is getting tight as is but i think i can throw in another one. if this doesent help i may look into a humidifer.
I have a large tropical scenery towel hanging from the top to the bottom of the back of the open air cage. I make sure I spray it, getting it wet enough to hold humidity for long periods of time. Just remember, the wetter you get it, the heavier the towel gets so clip or put rocks, bricks or whatever across the top (few inches) of the cage to base it securely. That should help you right away.
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