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Hi guys, here's the basic info first...

* Your Chameleon - Male, Translucent Veiled Chameleon, Age unknown (but would guess somewhere between "baby" and sub-adult" ...
* Handling - Not often, maybe twice a week - but he surprisingly very comfortable when handled (doesn't get stressed out easily)
* Feeding - Gut Loaded, lightly Dusted Crickets every day and the occasional butter or wax worm...
* Supplements - (see above) ...Using ReptiCal and Total Bites...
* Watering - Has a drip system in terrarium.
* Fecal Description - Unknown. (Only had him for three days and he hasn't pooped yet...)
* History - Unknown. (Only had him for three days - got him from a local, trusted pet store)

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - Screen Terrarium, Approximately 2 feet X 2 feet X 4.5 feet
* Lighting - Solar Glo Professional Series 125W (UVA, UVB, Heat... all-in-one sorta thing)... on a timer from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
* Temperature - The temperature is pretty steady between 79F and 82F (no lower, no higher)...using a digital ExoTerra thermometer...
* Humidity - Usually at around 60% + ...using a digital ExoTerra Hygrometer...
* Plants - No Live plants in his terrarium.
* Placement - The cage is in my bedroom (fairly low-traffic), not near a window or any vents or drafts... it sits on a platform with wheels (locked so it doesn't move) that lifts it about 2-3 inches off the ground... not close to the ceiling...
* Location - Ontario, Canada (GTA Area)

Current Problem:

Well, it isn't a major problem (yet..) but my little guy has suddenly developed this insane urge to get out. He keeps climbing the screen walls of his terrarium (even the ceiling!) and bumping his nose against it trying to get out.. then when I let him out he craws right on to my hand and and make his way quickly to the top of my head or shoulder... He's never done this before and I'm not sure that it's even anything to worry about, but it just seemed kind of abnormal for him...

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that he might have a mild case of pin worms (have a poop ready to deliver to the vet tomorrow - I've already spoken to them and it's something I've dealt with before with my bearded dragon...)

So. Any thoughts on why he is trying so desperately to escape?? (NOTE: He just tried to crawl up my curtains at the window! Crazy thing...) Could it have anything do do with the possible pin worms??

I am certain he is a male - he has the spurs on the back legs, he's got quite a large cask in comparison to my former female veiled cham... and I felt his belly, just out of curiosity and there doesn't seem to be any sign at all of things going on in there that shouldn't be...

Any and all help/advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance...
Being arborial they will seek the highest refuge. Raising the cage a few feet might feel more secure and calm the lizard down. Low to the ground=danger of predators. :)
My chameleon did that all the time!!!
He clawed on the glass to get out and loved sitting on my head as they like to be as high as possible!
Me had an obsession for curtains but soon grew out of it.
If it is persistent think about taking action- vets but at the moment it sounds ok to me .
hope that helps!
lol that's what I figured - thanks guys :)

He is just a little tiny guy, only about 80 grams in weight and his terrarium is about 4 1/2 feet tall and about 2 square feet (width X depth).. on a stand about 3 inches off the ground... his basking spot is as high as I could get it, but I'm wondering if maybe he's cold and is trying to get closer to the heat source?? Because I just came in here to check on him and he was on the ceiling right under the light!! :eek: And I freaked out a bit cuz I was worried he might get burned... but he seems fine -well, just frustrated that I took him down.. lol
His light is a 125 watt mercury vapor bulb with UVA and UVB - could he do with something a bit stronger or perhaps I should just rearrange his terrarium so he's a bit closer to the light?? (He's about 7 inches from it on an angle at the moment... the light hangs over the center of the terrarium but his basking spot is near the back wall, but high up... maybe if I moved it a bit more to the center so it's directly under it???)
I would absolutely love to do something like that for him but I've got no room indoors for one and outdoors, well - it's currently snowing :eek: lol so maybe a temporary (seasonal) one is something to think about putting together for the warmer days...

I used to have a large potted hibiscus that my female cham used to climb in during the summer.. but it died shortly after she did :(

But anyway - it's definitely something I'll look into :D
my veiled chameleon is aways trying to get out he is almost an adult but whenever I open the door he is on his way out and if he does get out its a pain to get him back in because he hisses at me a lot
Old thread... that behavior is typical if the enclosure is too small. I would start your own thread to get better feedback :)
you should change your UVB to a linear UVB bulb. you can get a reptisun (replace the bulb every 6 months) or an arcadia (once a year)
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