Trying to become more knowledgable does more barring on a red or blue bar ambilode


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Hey sorry to be so new but I'm just trying to become more knowledgable and I've been reading a lot of these threads. Anyone who reply's I appreciate it

So I just bought a red bar ambilode panther 3 months old right now he has 5 thick red / purple bars on green and also can turn all pink practically when on a pink flower.

Does more bars on a blue or red bar chameleon make it more desireable or worth more and if not what features represent a " wealthy " chameleon in color and symetry per say?? Any takers lol

Most I've seen have 3 bars or a middle bar that turns into two and my guy has 5 thick distinct bars. Though I'm sure this will change


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The day I picked him up from the reptile store :)


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Also only for knowledge is there something distinct or charecteristic of males that would make one better for breeding than another. Hope somebody replys lol thanks


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No, the number of bars doesn't play into desirability. Really, it will come down to the quality of the colors the male posesses. Pretty much all panthers are beautiful, but you recognize a stand-out individual when you see him. The colors will be clean, deeply saturated, and the coloration might be unique. You'll recognize a gem when you've seen enough pathers, because there's no formula to follow.

For example, Carol's guy Boomer is a gem:
The intensity of his colors and the uniqueness of them is why I think everyone wants to get one of his babies if she ever breeds him. He's 1 in a million.
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