"Tropical" chameleons?


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I'm looking for chameleons from the tropical regions mostly, so basically I'm looking for species that do not require that low temperature. Since I'm living in a central heated flat I can not lower the temps below a point.
I know about Furcifer sp. but want to ask the community to give me other suggestions aswell.
The best would be if I could keep together a pair or a small group in one cage.
Do you have any idea, please?

Thanks in adcance!
Will these be the first chameleons you are starting with?
You actualy cannot keep them together in 1 cage.
Some species can be kept together in small groups/pairs, which include bradypodions (which are very rare in the U.S and very expensive when you do manage to get your hands on them,) rampholeons and brookesias and some trioceros sp.

And if you want something that must not need low temperatures then you cancel out most of what I mentioned above...

You could probably do ok with a veiled then.
Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I'm looking for my 1st chameleon, however I1m not really new to reptiles.
Im keeping: varanus acanthurus, bearded dragon, corn snakes, paroedura androneysis, crested gecko etcetc.
However, my reptile room sometimes can reach 84-86F day temperature during the summer months so "tropical" or "basking" chameleon is the only way for me... :/
I hope that I will be able to come up with something that is not Furcifer or Veiled :rolleyes:
I assume by "furcifer" you meant Panthers?

Oustalet's Chameleons Furcifer oustaleti can be kept with a couple to an enclosure with no problems and can stand tropical temps no problem.
^^^True...Though if you plan that you need quite large enclosures. I still would not keep them with more than 1 cham per enclosure, in the long run it is less stressful.
im no help here as i really dont know much about husbandry of not "normally kept" species, but i think this is the first thread ive seen someone say they DONT want a panther lol
If the temperature in the room you are going to keep them in is that high you will be best going with a Vieled Chameleon, I think. They are a good starter chameleon, alot more hardy than most other species. There are tons of threads on keeping them and they are affordable and easy to obtain.
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