Trioceros pfefferi has hatched


the first pfefferi Hatchling is out off the egg. After 194 days. I m very happy.:D
And also yesterday a Tr. quadricorni has hatched.
Pictures coming soon....

Regards Patrick


Hey Franklin,

only one has hatched yet. 4 eggs are not hatched yet. but i think positiv that they ll hatch soon.
This little pfefferi is for sure a male, see the back of it.
i m also interested in the facts about the temperature during the incubation of other pfefferi breeders.
Tom wrote that in a warme incubation more males hatched.
my temperature was 20-21°C at the day and 2-3°C less at night.
at least i made the temp a little bit warmer.


Really nice male Patrick! ;)
I'm also working with young pfeffers right now, do you have any dates or something about your animal's grow? i'm thinking at measurements of weight and dimension, to compare if mine are doing well or not..
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