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I'm from south FL and go to school in south carolina. Im gunna be driving home over winter break and i wanna take my cham with me. The only problem is that i drive a jeep wrangler with no back windows. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how i could keep my chameleon warm during the 8 hour drive.



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Pack him in an insulated box (styrofoam ice chest) with heat packs. Make sure the heat packs do not touch the cham though.


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They sell heat packs that you can use... Wrap it up in news paper or something and tape to the top of the container he will be traveling in. People who ship Cham's, reptiles, or any other animal, use these when the weather is too cold. I'm not sure exactly where they sell these packs but i'm sure with a quick google search you'll find where. :) Hope this helps and good luck!
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