Traveling Chameleon

Hello there! We will be moving across the country in a few months (by car) and we were wondering the best way to transport a chameleon for an extended car ride. We've been considering doing some sightseeing on the way, so it may be a multi-day drive. Generally, for an hour or two drive we put the little guy in a shoebox that we line with a towel and crank the heat in the car to a comfortable temp (probably around 70 degrees), but we obviously can't keep him like that for a day, let alone a few days. Thanks!
Have you thought about having someone ship him to you when you get there? I read a thread about moving with a couple of chameleons and they set them up in zippered laundry baskets in the showers at hotels - try a search - maybe you can find the thread I couldn't -
Hm. That's interesting. The only problem with that is we're probably going to be camping the whole time. We just feel bad putting him in the mail. It must be pretty stressful. ...not to mention expensive.
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