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    F8D18CCA-674C-4B47-9CF2-59C2B6E04C22.jpeg Hey!!! I’m completely new here and tomorrow I’m getting my first baby boy! Well, he’s not so much a baby anymore, he’s a year old, but I’m getting him from a very caring couple who don’t have time anymore due to their new circumstances. I’ve done research over the past seven months(ever since ive wanted one) and even more specific research in the past three weeks. He is a little panther boy(I will paste a photo they have sent me) and I’m very excited to house this guy :)
    One problem, is that he is a two hour drive up north from my house. I live in Ontario in the Hamilton area and recently it’s been quite snowy, and dry and very cold. As a panther, I know his heat needs and I know his humidity needs and that a lot of people have done much longer trips. I have read a ton of stuff, but I would like to know more specifically for me how I can make the stress for him as less as I can in my power. My plan, is to get a cardboard box where he cannot see out of, line the bottom with a towel, possibly put a wet plant in the corner for humidity?(but I don’t know if thats the best idea), put one of his brances in it so that he has something to hold onto if he needs, towels on the sides so he cant hurt himself or shake around too much ect. My main question here, is should I use a heat pack? I hope he ends up falling asleep during the ride, and before we leave I’m going to let him sit in the box in a quiet room for a half hour, but for health sake should I use one just to be safe? The car will be warm of course but no one has really said anything about a heat or cooling pack unless the cham is being shipped. I just want to make sure I make this as comfortable as I possibly can, and I am open to do anything to help him! Thank you so much for any feedback :)

    also, in one of those photos hes directly under his light? he seems to not have any burns and im definitely going to change the position of thay vine so its not as close, but I want to know if anyone can see anything out of the ordinary? thanks again!!

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  2. Cool good for you I remember when I got my chameleon:)
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  3. Looks nice and healthy!
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    That’s great to hear! Thank you :)
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    I would not put anything in the container with him. He will be fine standing on the ground for the trip. It is more likely to injure him unless it is really well secured. You can also use a large plastic container with some air holes. That should hold the humidity a little better than the box.

    Good luck! He is a beauty :)
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    Looks like a beautiful boy! I agree with the above, I would not put anything in the box or container due to fear of injury. I drove a cham in a box with air holes for 90 minutes and I saw her claws sticking out of the holes the entire ride.
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    Im glad you told me! I’ll change that and use a plaatic container for the humidity. Thank you so much!
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    aww! thank you for the compliment and the second opinion! I feel lot better now that I know I will be doing the right thing. I’ll do what I can! :)
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    Should it be a clear plastic ( where you can see shadows and light) or black plastic container where it would be consistantly dark? Just asking, might have to pickup our first cham in a couple of weeks. Thanks
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    Black might be better so they don’t get spooked by things. There is no need to think about helping them bask on the way home lol... I used an opaque Tupperware with 1/4” holes drilled in the top to transport mine
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    So, with my circumstances I wont need an extra heat pack or anything keeping him warm?
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    A container or shoebox with a towel on the bottom will work fine for a two hour drive. Make sure the box/container he is in is covered so he is in complete darkness. When in the dark he will most likely fall asleep and be less stressed out. As long as your car isnt freezing, no heat packs.
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    Thank you so much! I’ll do exactly that and do without the heat pack. Hopefully this little guy will sleep :) I appreciate all the feedback!!!

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