Too cold to ship crickets!!!! What a PITA!!


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Well TODAY I was supposed to get pinhead crickets delivered for my new baby Jackson's "Griffin". (I've been scrambling around trying to get food for him cause he was a surprise)So I'm getting desperate!!! (although one of our forum members went way out of his way to send me fruit flies "thank's again Harry...I'll run out of them in a few days) Found out via email at 1am last night that supplier couldn't ship and I wouldn't be getting them until tomorrow. It got down to 9 degrees here in Maine last it's understandable...but either way I desperately need some! Today is the only day I have off for the next 6 days. I just called supplier (not a forum sponsor to make that clear) to cancel the order and found out they were already shipped to arrive tomorrow..but when I told them I wouldn't be here to receive them..and of course they would die and I wanted to cancel order..they kinda gave me a hard time....:mad: But, the did say they would give me a credit after much convincing.
So now I'm getting ready to drive 2 1/2 hrs away to a big reptile store in New Hampshire because they are the only ones in a 100 mile radius that carries pinhead crickets. I guess you got to do what you got to do..but like I said this cold weather is a PITA!!! Thanks for reading my little rant :p:p:):)
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Are you located close to this petco.. They have pinheads well they called them really really tiny crickets and some fruitflys 45mins from naples Maine if that is where your located. Try givin that shot.
That is the only thing that sucks with small reptiles. I'd probably just get a few fruit fly cultures, then again I have always had problems with crickets dieing off :(
ahhh i live in NEW HAMPSHIRE and just had a similar issue!! my shipment of 2000 crix came in completely DOA. THANKFULLY i live in manchester so we have a petco and petsmart, so i was able to get small (not all small but better than nothing) crix. I can't wait for my dubia colony to get bigger so i dont have to worry about getting small crickets....
I get Ghann ( site sponsor)it ship crickets to me when it gets UP to 10 or 15 here. Now you need to know they will not guarantee live delivery, but 95% of the time all is fine. Less than 5% of total dead crickets.

You can order 3 or 4 fruit fly cultures from Josh's Frogs.
Ask whoever you buy from to double box, insulate, and use heat packs (possibly between the inner box and outer box AND inside the inner box.) they probably won't cover DOA, but you should be pretty darn set with all that.
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