tongue not sticky?


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I have a 4 month old jackson cham, he was eating well at the start but when I hand fed him this evening he seemed to have trouble getting the cricket to stick to his tongue, he tryed 4 times and gave up! any ideas on what could be causing this? dehydration perhaps? but I mist 3 times a day and see he use his tongue to drink off the plant leaves

I gutload the cricks with plenty of veggies and rep-cal cricket for vitamins I dust with a combo of fluckers repta-calcium and zoo meds reptivite but I might have found the probleme, see he hasn't been eating from my hand which is where the cricks that are dusted usualy come from, anyways in cleanning his cage this evening I found about a dozen cricks I didn't even know where there, either they bred or somebody in the appartment threw a few extra in, either way a night without a roamming meal and tommorow morning i'm going to dust a few and throw them in after the morning misting, see how it goes!@ thankls
Update: So I'm getting a little more then a bit worried now....cleaned the cage, and he hasn't eaten in aproximately 3 days now, I've got a few cricks roamming, a few in a cup, some worms in another and still he isn't eating...seems to be a hunger strike but at 4 month I don't think his body is going to last it out...anybody have an idea that could help, perhaps something I could force feed him to help get his apetite back? my girlfriend also suggested mixing a little of the vitamins into his misting water (he dreaks his misting water all the time still) maybe at least he would continue to get his vitamins? any advice?
Information for help
Use this format on the above link. This will help to get the best responses possible. Jackson chameleons can be a pain in the butt sometimes so try and be as specific as you can this will help narrow down possible problem areas.
Cage Info:

* Cage Type - Used to be a mesh but I switched him to a glass vivarium, it's a 65 I beleive
* Lighting - I use a 100 day watt, and a 10.0 UVB compact light, they on from 7 to 7.
* Temperature - I had it a little hot for a it's basking spot is 79ish...low of the cage is 75, and it's night temps is 73
* Humidity - humidity is at 70%...and bounces to 80 after a mist....he has bark as substrate that keeps it's humidity up
* Plants - no live plants
* Location - Cage was in a spare room with my other reptiles but it was getting too hot so now he is in the living room in a vents and extremely low traffic

Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Jackson, male, 4 month
* Feeding - Cricks, 4 per day (but not eating), I gutload with variety of veggies, and they are put in around 8ish every morning...usualy
suplement - vitamins and mins...they all dusted but since he isn't eating, the cricks arn't covered anymore
* Watering - I mist and yes he still drinks
* Fecal Description - can't find any, although I just cleaned his cage yesterday
* History - I recently lost the female, the vets where unable to diagnose any specific probleme except she seemed dehydrated (I bough both chams at the same time/same spot)
* Current Problem - He isn't eating but still drinks and seems to move around his cage ok
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