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I know you are not supposed to keep adults together but i was wondering if I can keep my 7 week old veileds together until they need a bigger cage? What age should I seperate them. I planned on building a cage myself but I was trying to hold off so I didn't have to build them 2 small ones now. They seem to get along right now. Both are eating good and drinking water. Some times they may get dark colors but I don't know if they are doing for stress or seeking up heat. A few times i have seen them make themselves bigger but then they just stop pretty fast. Any suggesstions?
Chances are that at 7 weeks this will be okay, but not for long.
They really should have their own enclosures as soon as possible.
In their natural environment they dispurse immediately, off to discover their own territories from day one, with no interest in spending time together at all.
At stores and reptile shows you will see babies housed together and the reasons are primarily lack of space and anticipation that they won't be there long. Also, particularly in pet stores, they are sometimes not that concerned about the animals well being.
What do you have them housed in now?
Can it be divided?
At 7 weeks they don't require much space. Kitty was in an enclosure about the size of a gallon jar until he was about 10 weeks old then moved to a screen cage that was 12"x18"x20".
Now at almost 5 months he is in a 4'x2'x2'.

they are in a glass aquarium, which I am not that happy about but thats what i have. Its a 30 gallon deep. THa tank is 24"Lx12"Wx17"H. Is it to little to divide?
That is not too small a space to divide for that age of chameleon.
I have a better suggestion though. Why not leave them where they are for the time being (a week or two) while you build an enclosure that would consist of two adult sized habitats that can be opened into one for breeding introduction and can also be further subdivided for right now when your babies are small.
Check out this page for inspiration!

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