To much humidity?

So I had a very difficult time keeping up my humidity in the terrarium for several weeks. I was able to find a way to remedy that, but now his humidity is at 85-90%. Is that ok?


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^^^^ Exactly what @jamest0o0 said... Listen to the podcast it will teach you everything you need to know about using a humidifier at night. You need to stop using it during the day asap. Hopefully your lil one will not develop a respiratory infection from the high humidity and heat the last few weeks. Watch for issues breathing or holding his mouth open. Or stringy saliva. These are signs of an RI and will require immediate care from a reptile vet and the use of antibiotics.
Thank you guys for the advise. I turned my misting schedule down, and I’ve only had the humidifier one day so he should be ok. He did hold his mouth open randomly earlier, up until this point I’ve been told the more humidity the better :-(


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If you want a complete review of your husbandry you can fill this out. Unfortunately with all the info out there it is easy to be miss guided. It happens to most of us.
Opening the mouth can also mean he is too hot.

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