TJJacksoni baby's


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I tried to get a few better Picts for you all to see/ Max I hope you like these better brah!!!

All 11 are doing fantastic!!! Eating and dukieing like little pigs. I have a magnifying glass and tweezers right now trying to pick out meal worm hatchlings to feed them. Dam they are tiny little worms!!!!! :<)
Seeing this pictures sure makes it hard for me to not get a second chameleon. Your babies are so darn cute. I'm happy that they are all doing so well. Thanks for sharing the pictures...
I am picking out tiny tiny mealworm hatchlings for my Jacksoni babies, if this doesn't qualify for the good Cham daddy award then I don't know what will!!!!!

I have picked out a few if the biggest ones and they look bigger then they are but I know the kids will love these!!!
Aw, man, they are so adorable!
I didn't know that the TJ Jacksonii neonates are green.
The TJ xantholophus babies are brown.
I don't know if the camouflage pattern is a happy or a stressed pattern for the neonates.
Are they solid color when happy or when stressed--or is it anyone's guess?

I ordered some active Hydei and Melanogaster flightless fruit flies from Josh's Frogs and have to say that they are wonderful cultures.
Previously, I had only seen the ones from Petco which contain far fewer flies.

You've done a great job on these guys so far.
Keep up the good work!

BTW, how are you hydrating the babies?
These seem to get dark when stressed and sometimes when basking but have the colors u see most of the time. I keep them hydrated with a mist king system but the misters are outside the tubs and so the water just drips down into the tubs and onto the artificial leaves. I have a 1/2 inch of water in the lower/ outer tub and it is warmed with a flexwatt heat tape that keeps the humidity up. It all seems to be working well as all 11 of 11 are doing fantastic :)
There is so much to learn about these little critters.
I do love your inventiveness and hope all 11 keep going strong for you.
Thank you, just gave them fruit flys, pinhead crickets and picket out some baby isopods and they all came up ans started pigging out :)
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