Tip Of The Week - pt 1


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Ya know those under tank heating mats they they make for terrariums?
I have a large one spread out on a table and keep it plugged in 24/7.
I keep my water spray and misting bottles on it to keep them nice and warm.
Anyway, I use one to spray my cham's vent when I see some dryed stuff on
it, like a dry seamen plug.
I turn the little nozzle on the trigger so it squirts instead of spray, like a kid's
squirt gun :D
Works great! and I dont even have to take them out of their cage! :)

Use gentle trigger action so the water force doesnt freak them out, and hose
their little butts down with lots of warm water :)

It's also great for cleaning them up after a particularly messy BM ;)
Great tips, I really like the heating pad idea. My Jackson's detests getting hit with the mist when I mist his enclosure, I'm betting some warm water will help with that. Thanks!
awesome idea! I actually have a small heating pad I keep partially under my dubias, might have to place the other half under my mist-king reservoir!
Thanks :)
Yeah, heating the mistking res is a great idea.
But make sure to keep your tubbing runs as short as possible, because even
if the water leaves the pump warm, by the time it travels through all the tubbing and out the little nozzle, it's now only room temp.
I put a aquarium heater in my resivoir and that works a little better, but I had to turn it up all the way!! :eek:

I guess it's still not the same as a nice warm tropical rain in Madagascar ;)
Okay, this needs a pic (worth a thousand words!!):

On the right, you can see the lamp dimmer switch for a different mat.
The one pictured, is not regulated, and thus, is always about 100F.

This is obviously NOT a 'quick' heat-up thing, it just keeps what ever you
put on it warm.

This is a UltraTherm mat sold only from Bean Farm.
They are one of the best on the market (no sticky side) and it's almost paper thin.
I have it on a sheet of paper-board so as not to ruin the finish on the kitchen table.

On the left is my laser temp gun (a "must have" for keeping ANY reptile):


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