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So i was looking into a automatic timer for all my reptiles and came across a few on amazon for only 10$ but the problem was it only had one outlet so i found this zilla one ima link a pic its like 30$ but has 4 outlets is this a better deal or does anyone know where i can get multi outlet automatic timer for cheaper then that?


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Yeah, it seems that all the 30-ish dollar units are like that; a group of constant power outlets and a group running on the same timer.

To get individually programmable outlets on the strip you'll have to look outside of reptile and aquarium stuff and look into computer & network power supplies. You can expect to pay closer to $100.


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On the other hand there are these:



If the description is accurate you should be able to program each outlet via the smartphone app.
I use these! Currently using HomeMate and I’m satisfied, easy to use app. It’s literally just like having a manual on/off switch on your phone, works anywhere with an internet connection. You can also program auto on/off schedules. I will warn you though, do not use it with your misting system unless you have a continuous drainage system. One time the app didn’t process the scheduled off time and flooded my living room.


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