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Hi I’m new to this forum. I am very excited to have joined. I have a trio.. Max nosy be blue panther 2 years old, (raised from juvenile). Martigan vieled chameleon 1 year old, raised from hatchling. Rosy my new addition to the family juvenile ambanja. Today’s question is..
I have no problem getting Max out to visit the happy tree, problem is getting him out of it. How long should he be there before returning home? I worry a bit that he’s not warm enough. Temp is 72 in the house. I have heat lamp and uvb set up behind the tree. It’s a stressful situation for both of us, any advise would be appreciated . Thank you


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Could you clarify on the location of the tree and the uvb and heat bulbs in relation to the tree, please?


100 watt heat lamp and uvb 10 the first pic is what he looks like after I have taken him out. I do it very gently but he does not want to. Lol He was in tree for about 1 1/2 hours


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