Thoughts on Wild Horn Worms

Got a friend who says he can send me some Hornworms that are on his tomato plant. I know it's bad to feed worms that are eating tomato plants but he said they eat basically everything. Assuming I gut load them with good stuff would they be safe to feed my panther?


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They should be fine to feed. I would gut load them for a week before feeding. Also make sure your friend does not use fertilizers or pesticides in his yard or the horn worms could kill you cham


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The accidental ingestion of fertilizer by your chameleon means that they have eaten a product that can possibly contain harmful substances (herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides) in addition to the compounds (phosphorous, iron, nitrogen) which are toxic when consumed in large amounts


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I wish I could give you an answer on this...but I have no idea.
Fertilizers usually contain Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in various ratios depending on whether you want to grow better/bigger leaves or flowers....but that's all I know. I do know that animals eating the fertilizer itself can often be poisoned...but once it's broken down by the plants using it, I doubt if it is. Sorry.

Peri lily I wouldn't use WC hornworms, even if they were fed for a few days in captivity on something other than tomato plants, before feeding them to the chameleon.
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