Thought about feeding bees


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I know that some of us are afraid of feeding bees to our chams because of the stinger, some of you take the stinger off and some others just feed them as they are..

I've been working with bees for a while now and there's actually a way of making them produce drones (males, without a stinger) and I found them to be a great feeder.
The only issue with males is that they can't survive on their own, they have to be cleaned, fed etc.

I've been collecting males every day and I've been feeding them to my chameleons and they seem to love them.
I usually collect as many females as males and they seem to make it through the day, when I have more males than females, some of the males die (I guess because of stress, or lack of care). I do not feed the females though.

I want to experiment more with them and try to find a good balance -with both drones production and nutritional value- and see what the results will look like. So far I've been feeding them to my adults only, but I'm planning on trying feeding them to my sub-adults too and eventually to my juveniles. I'm pretty sure that it would affect their growth and hopefully strengthen their immune system.
I would love to have some other opinion and experience from other keepers! Please consider feeding drones to your chams :)
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