This plant is poisonous?


I got this plant with flowers today, but i don't know the name it.
Someone can help me?


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i got a camellia and a star jasmine aka confederate jasmine which bith have nice flowers and smell great and are cham safe... i havea veiled and she loves er leaves and much she ate all the jasmine flowers within two days..completely ignored the live food and her dripper... the jasmine is a vine so i like that about it.and the camellia is more like a shrub or small tree :) if your looking for something flowering for your cage.. i also have a hibiscus which has nice flowers but they are a little more sensitive of a plant to care for
according to a couple of sources gladiolus contain low levels of toxin that mostly effects the gastro-intestinal tract.

I would imagine that if you have a species thats a heavy plant eater, it should be avoided
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