This month's feeder line up


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About once a month I go in the bug room and pick out a variety of roaches and other things for mr Parson's cham.

First 2 pictures thought I'd show you all my not so fancy, all in one superworm colony. I don't do anything with this bin other than add food and water once a week. I have hundreds of superworms and a few dozen beetles in there. They've dug into that cork so much it's just about gone so I'm probably going to add a log of rotten maple wood this summer.

20210326_161521.jpg 20210326_161516.jpg
In here I have a variety of byrostrai genus roaches(mostly males, some nymphs... super active roaches), Male dubia, eublaberus pantanal roaches(one of my all time favorite feeders, similar to orangeheads), peruvian cave roaches(like meatier discoid), and a male adult halloween hisser(some of my favorite hissers for feeding and cool looks)

None of these can climb or fly other than the hisser, which can climb.
Cup of surinam roaches. Soft feeders, cricket sized. Very active and my cham loves them. Adults can climb. Florida legal and parthenogenic as added bonus. Easy to raise a huge colony without much effort.
Juicy superworms raised on high quality foods!
Vaseline to put around my feeder cups for species that can climb. Makes it very easy to cup feed them without any escapees(they won't cross it)
I also feed about 1-2 dime sized snails a week. Sometimes isopods too. Working on flower beetles and large isopod species to add into the mix as well. Summer he gets loads of wild insects from stinkbugs to wasps, really anything that crosses him outside.

He's not crazy about hornworms, silkworms, or BSFL/BSF's for some reason.
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