This is what I was thinking for my new setup


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Ok.... an artist I am not...that is my sister.....but this is what was in my head for my new cham setup :rolleyes:

I'm thinking 48 tall x 24 deep x 24 wide for each of the 2 cages pictured


36 tall x 24 deep x 24 wide for each cage.

The light fixture is 48" long, so it would work perfectly for 2 cages side by side. I already have the habba mist...which will work for me as a sort of drip system for their drinking. I'm not sure exactly how I will do the humidifier, but I love all of the options I have seen from everyone's different humidifier setups.

So, any suggestions...or any problems you forsee with this setup?

I'm hoping all I need to get now are the cages, plants, some more vines and the humidifier. Tara


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I decided to make 36" cages for a few reasons. I'm glad I did, as they
make more sense for my setups. In my opinion, 2'x2'x3' is adequate
for an adult male panther or veiled - I wouldn't go any lower.

The cage MUST be off the ground, on a stand of sorts, about 3' high,
so the top is 6-7 feet up. A 4' cage has more space, but the chameleon
will almost never use it. 3' cages are easy to move - so
you can just take it outside for sun. Furthermore, all commercial cages
have a brace across the front. They dont' have a screen bottom, so
they need a brace in front for rigidity. This means the door is not full
size. I wanted a full size, 2'x3' front door. So that's what I made. They
have a screen panel on the bottom, but no brace across the front. I
sacrificed some rigidity for ease of use - after all , I designed them for
ME first of all!

There is one reason where a 48" cage is far superior. Plants. I have to
trim my plants to fit the 36" cages. They'd fit better in a 4' cage.

The one thing that is a problem is drainage. I'd try to get a large plastic
tray, dog kennel trays are great, if you can find them. The next cages I
make, I'm designing around a plastic tray/bin.

Check big pple herp for th elighting -they have reptisun specials once in
a while - I got my 48"10.0's for $10 each.
good to know!

Thanks, Eric!
I was hoping that 36" would adequate height and that's what I am leaning toward. I don't mind triming the plants.
Dog kennel trays? Do they look similar to those plastic cat litter boxes? That's what I was picturing at the botom.
I'm going to go ahead and get a reptisun since I already have the light fixture.
The other bulbs may vary though depending on the temperature in the house. In the summer they will probably only need one bulb over each cage, but in the winter they may need 2 on each side, to maintain heat.
I am so excited !:D Tara
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