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Hello, My bearded dragon recently died and I was thinking of getting a cham to replace him. I already have a DIY cage but its suited for a beardy rather than a cham.

I have added a few pictures to show what i have already, I need some advice on the changes i need to make to suit a cham. I know the sand will have to go and the logs prob but not sure if the plaster on the walls will stay if there is alot of water and also will it be ok for the cham anyway, Also is glass no good.

Thanks Greg


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Well if you want a Panther or a velied Chameleon you will need a all screen cage. But there are a few species that can live in glass. But you will need to convert it to a Rainforest type rather than the hot desert theme.
so i couldnt get away with changing the glass to screen, Its a big cage dont really look it in the pics but its about 1m+ high and 1.5m+ long and half m deep. Also this cage is in a bedroom so will it be horrible to sleep with the humidity
You will need for a panther or veiled chameleon a screen that is at least 4ftx2ftx2ft. They get rather large. I would suggest getting a whole new cage.
Humidity shouldnt be a problem in your room. Because the humind conditions would be in the cage. (If you go with say a Pygmy chameleon). You just need to decide first what type of chameleon you want. And if you are prepared to get the correct setup. Then go from there.
Honestly, I would just use that cage for something else, no offense. Chams like heighth. Screen is preferred by most. Some use glass successfully. No lights INSIDE the cage. You will need a variety of vines branches and plants and I am sure you have seen set ups on here. Inside lights could pose a danger of burns.
you should get an iguana with that cage! I love my red iguana, I've had him for 3 years now. you could keep a baby iguana in that size cage for 6-9 months. then after that, you can have them free range. Mine now sleeps in a dog pin at night (he prefers the cage door open). And then during the day he goes thru the doggie door to go in the backyard to go swimming in my pool. There as high maintainces as a chameleon when they are young and they are just as lovely as a chameleon.
Whatever it is you get, make sure you do alot of research!
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