there is someone can help me with my progect ?


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there is someone that wish help me with my progect?
i had write in trioceros forum some question important for my program...
if someone help me, when i ll finish,I will put the project made ​​in collaboration with chamaleonforum

but i need help ... really...
if someone from moderator can give me his friendship on fb or skype we can talk and completed the informations table
thank you chris !!!
if i ll need other info are you free ?
because I could misinterpret certain information, or I might need some clarification on a number of chameleons ... I have undertaken this from my point of view it is a very Imortant project, both on a personal level, both levels herpetological ... I hope you share my opinion and this will help me to complete this work
Yep, I'm happy to help with questions, but definitely recommend you invest in that book I sent a link for. It really is a great resource for a lot of the questions you are asking.

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