their all under mist

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the mist system is setup and done and the veils like it ,shaky climb into the mist right away ,now all their houses got the auto mist.
the pump i got has enough pressure to creats i fine mist thats floats around the cage.
only thing is i will probably need 1 extra nozzle per cage as 1 nozzle does not cover the entire cage.i am running it 3 minutes 7 times a day.
It doesnt need to cover the entire cage. If its too much a hassle or expensive, dont worry about it. Also, if you can, go for longer than 3 minutes, sometimes it takes a few minutes for chameleons even to become motivated to drink, so if its on longer, there is a better chance that they will decide to drink.
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Do you have any pictures?? I would really like to see your misting set up in detail. :) I haven't been to the forum in a while so I didn't catch what type/brand you purchased.
first i want to say that the only reason i got the mist system is because i found out i had to get a hernia surgery in 2 weeks and i wasnt gonna be able to be spraying the cages 3 times a day.
the mist system i got is called "pro mist" i got it at basking, what i can tell you is when i got this i didnt have much time to shop around and i would have probably got the mistking system instead, however this promist system works ok and was easy to setup .
basically the system is available in 2 modes one for a screen cage and the other for a terrarium.the screen cage version has plastic washers to connect the nozzles to the screen roof of a cage. the system cost
$ 19.95 and has 2 nozzles,tubing,fittings and connectors to connect it to a garden sprayer,i got 2 extra nozzles and some extra tubing for $40.00,it don't have no pump.the idea is to somehow connect this to a garden sprayer for water pressure ,i never tried the garden sprayer thing so i don't know how it works.
after i ordered the mist system i realized i was not gonna be able to use the garden sprayer idea cause i was gonna be going to get a hernia surgery and therefore not be able to pump the sprayer ,so i decided to get a electric pump.the pump i got is a flo-jet almost exactly like the one you get with the mistking system ,you can only run it for 4 minutes at a time cause it overheats and burns up.the pump cost $59.95 at big apple herp then i got a timer at home depot for $20.00 plus a 5 gallon bucket n lid for a total of about $120.00 plus tax.

if i would not of been in a rush i wound of probably got the mist king or rainmaker jr. but i only had 12 days to order and setup the mist system which is why the pro-mist was ok because all the fittings were easy to connect as i didnt use all those metal hose clamps and after it was all said and done with the system works ok , because it makes a fine mist that when the wind blows it goes all over.only thing is one nozzle is not enough for these cages because they need 2 nozzles per cage for the best coverage.
one nozzle per cage works it raises the humidity which is what i needed but 2 nozzles would cover more of the cage .
with all that said if i were to do it all over again with what i know now i would get the mist king system because i would not have to went to home depot for stuff and got everything in one box.
soon i am gonna get a camera and will most likely put some pictures of their cages here. i have put a lot of time and money into their cages and they have a nice setup.
I took some pictures of the chameleons and put them in the gallery.
they are not that clear though. i cannot keep the camera steady yet.
Lunatic913 said:
im thinkin about buy a mist far the one i have in mind is the mistking one..looks pretty good....heres a link for some chameleon info

That was an excellent Comparison chart! I happen to love comparison charts of all sorts, they make life a lot easier ;) I was wondering why after seeing this chart you liked the Mistking best?? The Rainmaker Jr. seemed the better choice to me, am I missing something??
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