The race to the top


Usually I'd post outside pictures of my boy, but it seems that this year the desert I live in decided to actually be a desert and its been at a constant 100°f-110°f here. So I can't take my little guy outside. So today you get inside pics of him where its nice and cool because of the AC.

I got my dragon strand cage recently and I finally had time to build it today. I also got my knew lighting fixture today so it was perfect timing to set it all up. The fixture has a t5 uvb bulb and a growlight. Hopefully that'll keep the plants in there a but more alive. My umbrella plant that I had for about 6 months looks like its finally passing so I'll have to probably replace it unless the growlight somehow fixes it up. Tho i might just get a new one anyway since a bigger umbrella plant to cover more of the top of cage would be a good idea since its a bit bare up there. All in all I'm happy with it tho and it looks like Yaki is too since hes zooming all over it.

I'm somewhat excited to see how he'll act when i throw a mantis ootheca in there and it hatches. Since he'll be able to hunt em all down in a bigger cage now. Though I gotta wait till next year I believe since I don't think you can get chinese mantis Oothecas rn.

Anyway enough digressions, the first thing he did when I introduced him to his new home is climb to the top lol, so these are just pics of him doing that.


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