The new guy on the block


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Just got this guy a few days ago. He can really throw some crazy reds and yellow at times. Still young so I only expect his colors to get more intense with age.

I'll follow up with some better pics a little later.

His reaction to the red/yellow wand on the pump sprayer.

Just hanging out.
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Yeah, he totally looks like a sambava

Do you have any input to back up your ID?

He is a young WC. The person whom I purchased him from said he was Ambilobe. I got the opinions of some very experienced keepers, some who have probably seen more pardalis than 99% of the people on this site.

If your going to call him a locale other than what I said, please back up your statement. Otherwise, move along.
Sampson has become a joy to have around here, he never gives me attitude and is happy to come out of his cage for a treat! His colors have sure flipped too...





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