The Gem Of The Clutch

Hey guys, this 5 month old male Veiled is the best looking male I have produced in my opinion in the last 5 years.

His name is Pastel and he nearly died as a hatchling. No matter what I fed him he was the only one who would not eat. After I noticed he was getting weaker I started to hand feed him 2 times a day for about 3 weeks. This was such a difficult thing to do as he was a hatchling. When he reached his 1 month mark he was healthy and eating all on his own.

From the day he hatched he was a very strange powdered yellow. I figured he would eventually change as he grew but he never did. To go along with his great looks, he is such a nice veiled he doesn't run nor puff up he seems totally content around people. I'm so happy he made it:)

The first pic is him at 3 months
The second pic is him at 4 months
The third pic is his current pic at about 5 1/2 months


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Carrie Anne

Beautiful veiled you have there, happy to hear he is doing good. The white in his casque is awesome and he is going to look amazing as he grows. My boy Louie was a golden colour when he was born and he never lost that. It just kept getting brighter and better as he got older so make sure you take lots of pics and post them on here for us to see his colour transformation as he ages. :)


Chameleon Enthusiast
What a handsome little man. I love his yellow hue. Im so glad you were able to nurse him through that first month of his life. It will be very interesting to see his adult colors.


Chameleon Enthusiast
Congrats on saving him - looks like all that hard work really paid off! Can't wait to see how he transforms as he grows.
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