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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Nrupaw, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Nrupaw

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    I have a Jackson's Chameleon (Xanth) who's rather timid and doesn't seem to like to be held. But he still loves to walk around and explore his cage. His cage is a 18x18x36. Looking back, I should have invested in a 24x24x38 so that he'd have more space. :rolleyes:

    In anycase, I wanted the guy to be able to have more space and move around. Gave it some thought and decided to build some sort of cage extension. Came up with a 'perch' idea. PVC, again came to the rescue. Made a quick trip to Home Depot, and bought a 10 footer PVC pipe, some connectors, and made a nice little stand. Went down to the local pet store, and picked up some Manzanita branches ($12 bucks each!, should have ordered online)

    Used a Flukers Twisty vine i had lying around, the loop around the branches and to work as a 'bridge' in between his cage and the perch.

    Initially my Cham was a little hesitant and stuck around inside his cage. I dropped a couple Hornworms (his favorite) on the branches and he came running out ! Walked around on all the branches and chilled there for a few hrs. He went back into his cage when he wanted to bask again.

    So it seems like a sucessful project. The perch is very light and I only set it up, when i am at home. when i am not at home, i move to perch away and close the cage door.

    What do you folks think?

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    That looks great, I've been a lurker here for a while but i saw your branches and i wanna know what they are! i need things like cage is looking sad.. :-/
  3. Nrupaw

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    They are Manzanita Branches. Readily available in specialty pet stores, or craft stores. I'd recommend buying them online. here's a website

    Commonly used for wedding reception decorations etc. but my Chameleon loves to climb on them. They look really cool. I'd also advise to wash them thoroughly before using.
  4. Nrupaw

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    So i have come to the realization that my Jacksons absolutely loves his perch (and maybe hates his cage). He even sleeps on his perch these days. He only goes into his cage to bask/soak up uvb.

    He is not a happy camper when i move him back into his cage in the mornings when i leave for work.

    In the evenings when i setup his perch and open his cage door, he comes running out and climbs up the perch branches!



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