1. Nrupaw

    Staple Food ideas

    Up until recently, I used to feed my Jackson's Chameleon (Thakoor) Crickets, Dubia Roaches, and Hornworms as staples. All 3 are available locally for me. I would order Silkies online once every month or 2 and feed them on ocassion. Now the issue I am running into is that my Jacksons' doesn't...
  2. Nrupaw

    The Chameleon Perch Project

    I have a Jackson's Chameleon (Xanth) who's rather timid and doesn't seem to like to be held. But he still loves to walk around and explore his cage. His cage is a 18x18x36. Looking back, I should have invested in a 24x24x38 so that he'd have more space. :rolleyes: In anycase, I wanted the guy...
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