Thanksgiving Mitsio Babies

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by leo, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. leo

    leo Member

    Here are some pictures of the baby mitsios hatching, from the egg sweating to them peeping out then eventually hatching. Enjoy!

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  2. ReptiGeek

    ReptiGeek New Member

    Those are fantastic. Great photos.
  3. leo

    leo Member

    Thanks. Im no expert in photography all the work was done by the camera lol I need to improve my photography skills.
  4. reptoman

    reptoman Avid Member

    Nice pics! Need more mitsios around.
  5. ShipYourReptiles

    Site Sponsor

    Gotta be awfully flexible inside those eggs!
  6. A1forall

    A1forall New Member

    Very Nice, Congrats, Keep posting on their growth!!!
  7. jastate09

    jastate09 Avid Member

    Congratulations! One of my favorite species. Nice pictures to.
  8. maxttu

    maxttu New Member

    Absolutely stunning photos! Great shots and 'grats on the babies!

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