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Can I get a little more input on feeding?

As I understand it:
  • Three crickets/roaches three times per week
  • Dusted with calcium w/out D3
  • Twice a month we substitute calcium dusting with Reptivite w/D3. When you say twice a month, do you mean two days or every other week?
  • What about fruits and vegetables? I see the guide but what about frequency?
Twice a month is one feeding every 2 weeks.

Friuts and vegetables are to be fed to the crickets and roaches. They should always have access to the gut load mix, and should be fed for 24 hours before being given to your chameleon.

Feeding veiled chameleons greens is a somewhat controversial topic. Some say that it is good for them, some point out how that can’t digest them, etc. I personally wouldn’t give greens, just let her munch on the live plants in the enclosure if she wants. I don’t have veiled experience, though, so double check with another member.
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