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Merry christmas people.

quick question

for a 5 month i should have a low 80 temp in day right but whats a rough temp for night?

and say once he becomes adult whats the day a night temps?

have a good day everyone

:D The Chunk
at this age he should have a basking of 80ish maybe 85. night time temp should prolly stay in the low 70s. smaller chams lose heat faster. when he is older you can warm his basking spot to 90ish and at night he can get down to mid to upper 50's. This is assuming your cham is a veiled.
I have a panther and my cage is around 75 in the day, basking around 85-88 and at night it is in the low 70's. With the cooler weather even here in Florida my temps at night have been in the mid to high 60's and he is fine.
its pretty cold here and ive been running temo checks for past couple of days and i can get it to 68 at night with a cermaic heat bulb.
the one i maybe getting is only 5 months old and i got the temp up to very low 80s in the day
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