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Little 'Dipped in Butter's' (he is pretty little, 2-3" without his tail) habitat is doing great....he is in a 18"x18"x36" screen cage. I have a great ficus plant in there that takes up the majority of the cage. I have 2 sets of bio vines looped around the enclousure for him, altho he likes to perch on the tinyest of ficus branch possible!

The bottom of the cage is some kind of plastic that wipes clean with a camp paper towel.

He has a dripper that is on a very slow drip all the time, and I spray the ficus until it drips twice daily. (I've never seen him drink, but he's been here 3 weeks, and does not appear to be dehydrated, so I assume he drinks!)

I have a UVB 5.0 and a 75 watt basking lamp. The temp at basking height is at around 90 (f) and the cage cools in layers. The temp at the lowest branches of the plant are at 72 (f) when the top is at 90.

I find that he will often seek the lower branches in the afternoon, and moves about the enclousure to heat up or cool off as need be, so I figure I have it right for now.

But come winter, I keep the house pretty cool. The nighttime temps in the house are in the low 50's. Will I need to get him a heat emitter for the nights in winter, or is a blue light or black light better ? Please advise.
I used infra red light. Chameleon can't see this light. So it would not interrupt with the light cycle. Won't keep them awake.
I have a similar thing going on with my cage with the fact that the room his Kamara's cage is in is not plumbed for heating or AC. The room can get in the 50's during the winter. I have a heat emitter hooked up to a Herpstat Pro by Spyder Robotics. I have the deviced controlled to keep the temp of the cage at a minimum of 55 degrees. If the cage is warmer than 55 degrees, the Herpstat Pro will keep the heat emitter off. Once the temp reaches 54.9 degrees, the unit will turn on.

Spyder Robotics makes some really cool devices at all price ranges. I would check them out. The Herpstat Pro controls the following on my cage:
1) Basking Bulb
2) Heat Emitter
3) Fluor. Hood
4) Heater for my water supply for the mister.

Everything is automated. I don't have to worry about a thing with my setup. I could not imagine my cage without it!
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