Temperature question for Panther chameleon?

What is the ambient and basking temp for a Panther chameleon? My guy eats and drinks great, but he seems like a light brown with his stripe showing. He is 6 - 7 months, and my current basking temp is 88-92.5 F, and ambient is 72 F. Should it be lowered? I have a Reptisun 100 watt bulb for basking. Please advice. Drago.

Another question. Can I keep him outside for 1-2 days in LA as long as I spray him a lot? He seems to enjoy it. Night temp gets to about 60-70 F.


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I use a regular household bulb for basking.....a 40 or 60 watt...which ever it takes to provide the correct temps. If you don't already have one, I recommend a good temp gun.
Turns out, I had some extra incandescent bulbs laying around. I put it in and the temp was about 78-85 F with a small beam of light mostly dark around the whole cage. Is this good? I used a 60 watt incandescent.


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In my opinion it depends on the chameleon. My ambilobe is OK with mid 80's, however my sambava isn't happy unless the basking temp is 90.
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