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okay so as you can see the cage I have for my veiled, I have a 100 watt basking bulb I just put in on the side, then I have a 100 watt house bulb on the top and a 100 watt blue reptile heat bulb, and on the other side is a no heat but a uvb bulb, now I no the mid top of the cage is around 80 right now and the basking spot is 85 to 90 ( my temp gage wont stay on any branch in that area so I cant get a full correct reading ) now I have a 150 watt basking bulb in my desk im not using and I can swtich what ever needs to be changed to get the correct lighting, I just want to make sure its all correct. please help and advise me if this is correct or needs to be changed

( sorry picture is sideways for some reason it keeps coming and I don't no how to rotate it )


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Seems like hes kinda getting blasted from all corners in the top with light. That might be stressing him out. You should only have one basking bulb and one UVB bulb. You might want to try getting a radar thermometer for more accurate temps. If its just a degree or two over 95 that could be enough for him to stress out. Also does he have a dripper anywhere? How are you keeping your humidity up?


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okay should I turn off the two top bulbs and have the one basking a 150 watt and then just the uvb ?
You can get a laser thermometer at amazon for under 20 dollars - it's was worth the price for me- I was getting crazy-
CE Compass Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer W/Laser Sight


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okay thanks so much, yeah my cham recently has been showing stressing colors, so I just have a 150 basking bulb on one side and the uvb on the other, cage seems a little dark but I guess that's what he likes ?
It looks like that is in the form of a question - which I can't answer for you as I don't have a veild - and know nothing of their habits with my Jackson he seems to like a few places to hide out of the direct light -

I most likely would agree with the expert that you get what you pay for when it comes to a laser gun- Mine is mostly for my own sanity - I have a couple of gadges in each cage and check them with each other-( I also have a panther) I also don't have central air so my temps go up and down with weather-
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