temperature and wattage of bulbs?


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i recently just bought a 18", 18", 18", 36" screen cage and a mini combo deep dome lamp fixture. was wondering which is the appropriate wattage for the day and night bulbs. also i have one extra lamp, should i be utilizing that with another day light or is the combo one enough?
you should have two day bulbs. one for basking(any standard bulb that creates an appropriate heat range) and one for UVA and more importantly UVB rays. Most use the reptisun 5.0 or 10.0 for UV rays, but the arcadia lights also come very highly recommended. You don't need a night light.
What kind of Cham are you getting? Also, no lights at night. Chams enjoy a night time drop. They can go down to 60 no problem. Also, you know you'll need a uvb light, right? One uvb, one basking
What type of cham? For Gojoebob...10 gallon "tank" is not the best. You'll want to get an enclosure that allows for temperature variance and helps control humidity. All or part screen is recommended, but at least bigger so you don't cook your cham. For chez4...as said, you need a UVB bulb (tube type preferred) and a basking bulb for, well, basking :rolleyes:, and no light at night. Darkness is the way to go. If you need additional heat at night (not sure what type of cham we are dealing with) use a ceramic heat emitter.

As for wattage, you will need to see what works for the temperature range you are looking for. This can vary depending on the fixture (mirrored finish, etc.) and how far it is from the basking site. :)
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I have a ten gallon tank and a 75 watt bulb that keeps it at 75 degrees. let me know if this helped.

you should not be keeping your chameleon in a fish tank. There is no proper ventilation and you are going to more than likely overheat him with a 75 watt bulb.
You need whatever watt bulb is required to keep the basking spot at the right temperature. This will vary depending on the ambient temp of the room, the type of enclosure, etc.

do not use a fish tank for a chameleon.

day basking spot up to a max of 96F/36C (Non breeding females and Juveniles hottest spot should be kept at a lower temp, closer to 80F, and yours is not quite adult yet so perhaps around 85F)
day mid-cage / ambient range 70-80F/21 -26C
night to a low of 60F/15.5C (Juveniles only down to 68F)
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